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Recent years have seen Australian adult prisoner numbers continue to rise – with the number of prisoners in adult corrective services custody increasing by 8% from 2015 to 2016* .

Increasing strain on correctional resources and continued investment in facilities puts an increased focus on the efficiency of these facilities across the country.

Long gone are archaic prisons synonymous with punishment and hard labour, today’s correctional facilities are designed to meet community expectations around repatriation, deterrence and protection, whilst ensuring that prisoners’ civil liberties are upheld during their detainment. The effect of light and colour on behavior modification, for instance, is stipulated as one of the over-arching design factors in Australia’s correctional facilities**.

It follows then that lighting solutions for correctional facilities must balance effectiveness and efficiency with intelligent design to ensure that luminaires provide proper illumination, are easy to install and maintain, and are tamper proof to eliminate the possibility of lights being used to conceal contraband materials.

(*ABS, 2016,
**Victorian Office of Corrections, Standard Guidelines for Prison Facilities in Australia & New Zealand, May 1990


As research strengthens the connection between environmental light levels and wellbeing, we can see that compared to other facility investments to enhance the physical and mental state of humans, lighting is often a small change that can produce a positive effect.



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