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Ingress and egress areas for buildings, car parks, transit areas, parks and urban settings provide disparate and sometimes challenging issues for lighting design.

The Australian Government has made a commitment of $50 billion for current and future infrastructure investments as part of the Economic Action Strategy to boost economic growth and prosperity, increase productivity and support thousands of new jobs*.

A raft of new infrastructure projects brings with it opportunities to create world-leading solutions in the areas of transport, amenities, public areas and utilities.

Given the foremost considerations in any infrastructure project are safety and functionality, it can be difficult to balance aesthetics in lighting design to ensure the perfect blend of form and function. Major projects can create their own challenges which can only be anticipated with knowledge and experience. For instance:

Sporting field under construction
A chief concern may be the lighting of the field to broadcast standard, however consider the illumination for all the pedestrian and vehicular ingress and egress points around the ground, fittings for amenities blocks and training facilities, illumination for recreational areas right through to the car park and the roads leading in and out of the area.

Public utility building requires a lighting solution
There are specific illumination standards to ensure public safety, as well as factors that can directly impact the life and performance of lighting fixtures such as the accumulation of dirt, carbon exhaust, insects, rodents and wildlife as well as vandalism.

Underground carpark considerations
Designing a solution that provides adequate lighting without casting unnecessary glare can be challenging, especially in residential areas. Consideration should also be given to daytime usage - ensuring that the entrance to the car park is well it enough so that the black hole effect of entering a dark space from the light doesn’t result in a driver being temporarily unable to see what is beyond the entrance

With a comprehensive product range across many application areas, as well as in-house lighting design and engineering capabilities, Gerard Lighting can ensure a comprehensive solution that addresses the inherent challenges in infrastructure projects.

*Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, 2016



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