Lighting Control Solutions

Brilliantly simple lighting control solutions

Reducing ongoing operating costs whilst maintaining occupant productivity and comfort, is one of the most significant challenges for commercial building owners, tenants and facility managers.

Based on international standards of DALI and Ethernet, the RAPIX Lighting Control System empowers individual occupants to interact with the lighting in their environment to maximise their productivity and comfort, whilst ensuring the facility’s underlying energy efficiency demands are met.

The RAPIX Lighting Control System acts automatically to provide light only when light is needed, trimming lighting levels to save energy according to natural light levels in the commercial space. RAPIX also enables facility managers, tenants and building owners to make future changes to the space, removing the high costs associated with re-wiring and re-commissioning.

The RAPIX suite consists of 3 main components, which are integrated into a single time saving solution:

  1. RAPIX Lighting Control – Secure Lighting Control Solution with Brilliant Simplicity.
  2. RAPIX Emergency – Monitored Emergency Lighting to AS2293 Compliance with One Click
  3. RAPIX Addressing – Fast DALI programming that can halve DALI programming times

All RAPIX products are 100% DALI compliant, designed and supported in Australia.



Easier to Design


Simpler to Install


Faster to Commission

Know DALI? Know RAPIX Lighting Control System. Based in DALI with a compact product range, designing sophisticated lighting control systems is easier than ever.

Designed in Australia using DALI and Ethernet as a core technologies, RAPIX Lighting Control System is created with generous mechanical design for simple installation to help contractors save time on site.

Saving time on site with RAPIX Lighting Control System helps system integrators and contractors deliver projects on time on budget with easy to use software and local support from the team who created the hardware and software.

Image credit: Goodman