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Australia’s mining sector contributes billions to our economy, and provides the raw materials upon which modern society depends. Investment in the sector is also responsible for technical innovations and environmental research in varied application areas, including lighting.

Effective illumination in mines and hazardous areas is all about one thing: safety first. In areas made hazardous by abnormal conditions including the presence of flammable vapours, gases or combustible dust, specialty lighting is key to the performance of day to day tasks.

Mine sites, industrial areas, chemical processing, grain silos and storage: the areas where zone-specific lighting standards are applicable are broad.

It is therefore important to note two things:

  • Customers need to be confident that their lighting solution provider delivers products that meet or exceed safety and performance standards and meet safety audit requirements providing functional day-to-day performance
  • That the quality of those products is such that they will perform to design if or when a crisis hits



Gerard Lighting provides both expeditious and effective solutions for customers and operates under stringent quality assurance guidelines. Our engineering and production capabilities allows for custom solutions to suit your HAE requirements including:

  • Specialist lighting requirements
  • Control stations (including custom orders)
  • Terminal boxes (including custom orders)
  • Full panel design and construction (in both Ex d and Ex de technologies)

Choosing Emergency lighting systems for Hazardous Areas

Emergency lighting is illumination designed to operate when ordinary illumination is missing especially in the case of where there is a compromise to power supply, dangerous conditions, or life threatening situations.

Emergency lighting must be designed and fitted to allow the evacuation of people in case of danger, or more simply, to allow operators to move in case of electrical failure and black out. In systems installed in areas with the presence of a potentially explosive atmosphere, this type of system has several further critical issues compared to a system installed in a safe area.

Emergency lighting is classified, depending on the purpose, as:

  1. Reserve lighting allows for continuance of activities when the ordinary lighting is missing. It can be used for escape routes and emergency if it meets the relevant requirements.
  2. Security/Safety lighting is expected to allow the safe evacuation of an area or finish a potentially dangerous or vital ongoing process before leaving the room.
All forms of lighting must conform to minimum regulatory standards and adhere to guidelines supplied by both state and federal agencies.

At Gerard Lighting we focus on exhaustive engineering, testing and compliance processes to ensure a comprehensive range of products that are specifically designed to cope with rugged and unique Australian conditions. With a diverse range of dependable luminaires for applications such as cutting pits, wash bays, conveyors and tunnels, Gerard Lighting is able to provide durable solutions that can stand up to the most extreme conditions.



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