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Gerard Lighting is Australia's leading supplier of lighting for roadway, infrastructure and commercial applications.

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Gerard Lighting is Australia’s leading supplier of lighting for roadway and infrastructure applications.

At its simplest, the phrase ‘smart street lighting’ or ‘intelligent street lighting’ refers to public street lighting that adjusts to movement by cars, cyclists and pedestrians. The ability to dim when no activity is detected and brighten when movement is detected is the foundation of intelligent street lighting.

Smart Street Lighting will contribute to road safety, crime reduction and environmental improvements. An accelerated upgrade of road lighting and smart controls across Australia is a significant opportunity to provide the foundation of smart city and town sensor networks to build the cities of tomorrow through ‘thinking of technology solutions first’.



Embracing the IoT and constantly investing in research and development of LED and other market leading technologies, Gerard Lighting is at the forefront of helping planners, designers, engineers and governments realise their vision of smart cities.



Lighting Controls
More than just a lighting supplier, we are your total lighting solutions partner including lamps and controls. Our cutting edge control technology puts you ahead of the pack.



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Lighting Design Service

A 15-strong team of highly qualified, expert Lighting Designers deliver your designs quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance Procedures

Comprehensive quality and compliance testing by both Gerard Lighting and our global component suppliers.


Project Management

A team of 40+ dedicated to efficiently managing your project through design, quote, order and delivery.

Technical Support

Call out our dedicated team of technical experts on 1300 289 186 who are there to resolve your enquiries fast.

Tailored Solutions

Local engineers tailor products to suit your specific needs, through a sophisticated development process.

National Distribution Network

Fast, efficient delivery through Australia & New Zealand.


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