Flexible and efficient solutions, creating the opportunity for lighting excellence.

Gerard Lighting is proud of its long term, exclusive Australian partnership with the international brand of Disano. With an extensive range of commercial, architectural and residential product solutions, the Disano  range creates the opportunity for lighting excellence.

A leading manufacturer of lighting  fixtures, our partnership with Disano allows Gerard Lighting to cover a range of market segments, including:
  • Commercial service sector (ceiling fixtures, recessed fixtures for false ceilings, integrated modular systems)
  • Industrial applications (watertight fixtures and high bays)
  • Outdoor applications (lawn fixtures, urban decoration compositions, floodlights for lighting large areas, and street lanterns).
Disano’s continuous improvements in manufacturing technology, rigorous controls throughout the entire corporate process system, high product quality control standards, as well as the development of advanced computer systems for lighting design calculations all add up to world-class solutions for Gerard Lighting customers..

Comprehensive range

Encompassing lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and street / urban applications


Reliability at it's core

Continuous improvements in manufacturing technology and rigorous controls throughout the entire corporate process system


High Quality

high spec, technologically advanced products at competitive prices



Disano LED  Catalogue 2018