Investing in public lighting infrastructure can be a daunting and costly task filled with technical, logistical and operational elements. Our mandate is to make our customers’ experience world class in excellence and we offer a range of support services specifically designed to achieve this aim. 

Product training in technical and non-technical product and operations designed to assist in the decision making process and in helping non-technical stakeholders understand the technology and science behind lighting.

We have a fully equipped design team that specialises in roadway lighting design to AS1158/NZS 1158 standard (where applicable) or any required standard for the application. Our design expertise extends to all areas of public area lighting as well as lighting for sports spaces and venues to code specific broadcast standard. Effective design from experienced professionals ensures the right product is not only selected but also installed correctly to achieve the desired performance.

We employ qualified professional lighting specialists who form our infield team of support staff, each of whom is further supported from our Head Office by an experienced after sales and tech support team. Together, they ensure that the needs of each of our customers is met.

Smart Technology
As the ‘internet of things’ changes traditional lighting infrastructure, we employ IoT specialists who can advise on the implementation and benefit of smart technology to ensure that your lighting infrastructure is future proofed.

Local Engineering
In addition to providing solutions from best of breed international brands, we have crafted a range of local street lighting products as well as products for public area illumination all of which are specifically designed for the Australian market and to contend with the unique attributes of Australia’s harsh climate and environments.


Gerard Lighting’s Roadway & Infrastructure team offer consultants the opportunity to tour our Padstow head office in Sydney to see how operations in action. 

Would you like us to consider conducting a tour or event in your area or onsite at your premises? Contact your regional representative directly on the details below.

State Representative Email Contact Number
NSW Tony Lambrechtsen 0419 986 320
VIC David Hickey 0437 878 530
TAS David Hickey 0437 878 530
SEQ Michael Davies 0403 047 568
FNQ Michael Davies 0403 047 568
SA Darren Crase 0409 754 571
WA Darren Crase 0409 754 571


Calculate the savings and learn more about energy savings schemes through the relevant services below (please note that these organisations represent associated industry bodies and are independent of the Gerard Lighting company). These links are provided as they provide valuable resources for consultants.

iPART NSW Energy Savings Schemes

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme

Emissions Reduction Fund - Commercial & Public Lighting Upgrades