Every tunnel and underpass is different. A solution customized for the application is the best and only way to achieve the right configuration of luminaires and control selection to meet a customer’s needs. 

Sylvania Tunnel luminaires have been developed locally by the same expert design team that developed market leading road lighting products such as the Roadster and Suburban luminaires and more recently, the LED luminaires that are addressing issues of controllability, illumination efficiency, operational cost reductions, the Sylvania StreetLED and RoadLED. These ranges share the same high level of optical design, robust construction and ease of maintenance ensuring the installation a design life in excess of twenty years. 

Contact your Roadway and Infrastructure Specialist for more information on ways to address the Tunnel & Underpass lighting standard (part of the AS1158 Series, Lighting for roads and public spaces Part 5: Tunnels and underpasses).