Professional Lighting Solutions

Gerard Lighting is your complete lighting procurement, design and management service.


Lighting Application Solutions

Select one of the 12 project types below to see how Gerard Lighting can help you with your next project. Each section comes complete with specific product and package recommendations to help save you time pulling your specification together.




Working for you

Gerard Lighting offers a complete package starting with our Lighting Design Service. A team of highly qualified, expert lighting designers develop tailored and bespoke solutions for large projects. They can create specific products to suit all applications, working closely with your lighting engineers to ensure we deliver the best possible solution for your project.

Our project management team are dedicated to the efficient completion of your job from initial design approval to final installation and implementation of their lighting design solution. They support you through the quoting and product ordering stage, while ensuring prompt, safe delivery of final components using Gerard Lighting’s own national distribution network.



How it all comes together for you



Lighting Design Service

A 15-strong team of highly qualified, expert Lighting Designers deliver your designs quickly and accurately.

Quality Assurance Procedures

Comprehensive quality and compliance testing by both Gerard Lighting and our global component suppliers.


Project Management

A team of 40+ dedicated to efficiently managing your project through design, quote, order and delivery.

Technical Support

Call out our dedicated team of technical experts on 1300 289 186 who are there to resolve your enquiries fast.

Tailored Solutions

Local engineers tailor products to suit your specific needs, through a sophisticated development process.

National Distribution Network

Fast, efficient delivery through Australia & New Zealand.


To discuss your next project, contact your local Gerard Lighting representative or our Customer Care team